It’s Monday…How about a book excerpt?

Hi folks,
Recently a reader commented that she liked “the clean style of writing” in But the Angels Never Came,

If you haven’t read it yet, But the Angels Never Came is a post-apocalyptic re-contextualization of “The Binding of Isaac.” It’s been on the Amazon bestseller lists for both Dystopian  and Post-Apocalyptic fiction in the months of April and as I write this.

So, anyway, I figured I’d find a passage that I thought was particularly clean and share it. Here’s the one I picked:








from: But the Angels Never Came

The interior of the plateau held a diversity of vivid greens. The plant life was never taller than the waist of Abraham. There were no flowers. But the greens were richly varied and beautiful to look upon. As the day carried on, the sky above cleared. The clouds separated and there was more blue than gray.

At midday the family watched as the clouds cast long moving shadows on the low, wavy hills ahead. The path that day went in one direction; the shadows always moved towards the family, coming to meet them.

Each shadow could be seen from a long distance off. Each moved slowly, very slowly, yet each was inescapable, for each cloud moved in the direction the wind took it, and Abraham and his family were restricted to a singular narrow path.

Abraham felt the breeze on his face; he felt the moments reprieve from the sun’s brightness when the shadow passed over. Both felt good, but only as a negation of an overexposure. If he was given a choice between the sun’s brightness and could have only that, or the choice of permanent shade, he would undoubtedly take the former. He has no choice though. The shade will come when it comes. The sun shines when it shines.

He chose to walk forward with shadow approaching. If he turned around, the same shadows would overtake him. To meet darkness head on, or to turn his back and allow himself to be caught, that was the only choice he was free to make.


And that’s it. That’s what I picked. Let me know what you think. And if you’ve read one of my books and found a line particularly “clean” feel free to mention it below.

Oh, and one other thing. All four novels in the series are still on sale for a dollar a piece. Check out these links if you’re interested:










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