Special Offer – Series Giveaway

Dear World,

I have huge news that is incredibly important, groundbreaking I’m sure. I, Eric James-Olson, am marking down the price of all four of my novels, But the Angels Never Came, Farmers and Cannibals, Just After the Fall, and The Church Peak Hotel: Revisited, from the exorbitant price of 3.99 down to a much humbler, much easier to afford price of .99cents. I know what you’re thinking. That’s crazy! Those books are practically flying off the shelf already! Well, I’m doing it anyway. Why, you ask? Maybe it’s because I hate money; maybe it’s because I know the economy’s bad right now; maybe it’s because my publisher said I had to; maybe it’s because I lost a bet, or maybe it’s just because I lied when I said the books were flying off the shelf. But whatever the reason happens to be the fact remains the same. All four novels are .99cents from July 20 – July 26. Get them while their cheap, well, even cheaper than they usually are.










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About Eric James-Olson

Eric James-Olson writes novels and short stories. Currently, he's working on a coming-of-age novel set in the Panhandle of West-Virginia. Check out the "Novels by Eric James-Olson" tab above for the titles of his other books. In addition to writing, James-Olson is a high school English teacher, an amateur woodworker, and an outdoor enthusiast. He lives with his wife and daughter in West Virginia. View all posts by Eric James-Olson

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