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So you’re reading this. Awesome. I started out blogging on Goodreads after I’d written a few books and acquired a few fans. Everyone and their mother had a blog, so I figured, what the hell, I’ll write one too.  I started out with a blog titled: Letters on Literary Devices. The point was to make fun of some of the common complaints readers make about the books they don’t like. My angle was simple: sometimes authors use literary devices that Average Joe, or more often, Average Jane Reader doesn’t recognize (No offense to the ladies in the room, but lets face it, 80% of readers can wear a dress without getting looked at funny… did you see that dude in a dress !?!).  The purpose was to coax – no – that isn’t the right word – guide readers into seeing literature not simply through their personal tastes, but as an art that employs a rich set of literary implements.

The posts from the original blog can be found here under the tab with the following designation: Letters on Literary Devices (Clever name, right?). New Letters on Literary Devices are posted every other week.

Also, I’ve recently decided to branch out from my mock-epistolary style to write shorter, slightly more serious posts about “Writing with Style”. Why? Well, I’ve noticed that there are tons of blogs out there giving advice on publishing and marketing but very few that give real, tangible advice on crafting a unique writing style.  So, that’ll be the new focus, and I hope it’s helpful.

One last thing. I’ve written a few books. Click this link if you’re interested in my fiction: LINK!


Eric James-Olson

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