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To my friends and fans:

Two years ago I set out to create a series of novels describing a parallel universe to our own, a universe where globalism mysteriously failed and mankind reverted backwards into a savage state of nature, a state where each man fends for himself, each nation fends for itself. As an initial influence, I took the world as described in Orwell’s 1984. In his parallel world, democracy failed and totalitarianism took over. It’s like if the whole world was North Korea….weird.

Anyway, in his world he divided the globe up into four territories: Oceana, Eastasia, Eurasia, and lands that were still in dispute. I took this basic premise in creating the world for my novels: The United-Americas, Euro-Russia, The Democratic Republic of the Pacificese, and the conquered territories in Africa. The names were chosen to help readers visualize the geographical position of each super-state, not to imply anything about future relationships among nations. I figured that this would save the reader the long-winded explanation that Orwell had to give in his book (What the fuck’s Oceana anyway?).

Well, I digress. Initially I didn’t want to give a name to my series of novels. I thought a name would cheapen the whole thing, make it seem like all the other series of books out there today. But, for me, practicality has finally outweighed ideology, and I have decided to give the series a name. At first I thought that I should call it the Francisco Cain series. But, he’s really not in every novel and I hate when series are named after a protagonist. It just sounds stupid. Then I thought I’d call it the United-Americas Series. Unfortunately, that sounds stupid too.

“So”, you’re wondering, what’ll he call it? Well, I’ve thought long and hard on it and the following is what I came up with: “From the tChip of EJO.” Now, if you haven’t had a chance to read The Church Peak Hotel: Revisited yet, that name probably makes no sense. You don’t know that these books were all actually written by some guy, well, two guys, in the distant future. It’s cool. The introduction of The Church Peak Hotel: Revisited will get you caught up.

Now, if you’re still reading this, you’re about to hear the best part. To celebrate the naming of the series, I’ll be selling each book for .99Cents on Amazon from July 20 – 26. That works out to $3.96 for everything I’ve ever written: But the Angels Never Came, Farmers and Cannibals, Just After the Fall, The Church Peak Hotel: Revisited. Check out the links above, read the descriptions, read the reviews, and see if this series is something you want to get into. If it is, you can use these links to get to the Amazon page for each book:












Oh, and one last thing. Thanks to all of you who have supported me and my writing. Thanks for checking out my blog posts, commenting here on Goodreads and on Twitter, reading and reviewing my books etc. I couldn’t do this without you. Please help me out a little bit more by tweeting this out to your followers, liking the page, telling your friends about it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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