Double Entendre

I’ve finally come to the moment in my literary career when people retweet me without me asking them to retweet me. There was a time when I’d retweet them first, not having looked at whatever they wanted retweeted, and then they’d retweet me back. A little–retweet me, I’ll retweet you kind of action. And yes, I realize this isn’t the type of thing I usually blog about. And yes, I just used “blog” as a verb. I’m blogging right now as I blog this. Blog, blog, blog.

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Anyway, if you are still reading this for some reason, look back at the last paragraph and replace the following words: “literary” “retweet” “read” “thing” and “blog”. While doing so, try to incorporate the title of this post (it’s at the top of the screen) into the philosophy of your word choices. And then leave those as a comment below. Just copy and paste the whole darn paragraph and replace the words. See what happens. And send it to me. Do it now. Don’t wait.

And then when your done, retweet me if you feel like it.


Eric “Blogging” James-Olson

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Eric James-Olson writes novels and short stories. Currently, he's working on a coming-of-age novel set in the Panhandle of West-Virginia. Check out the "Novels by Eric James-Olson" tab above for the titles of his other books. In addition to writing, James-Olson is a high school English teacher, an amateur woodworker, and an outdoor enthusiast. He lives with his wife and daughter in West Virginia. View all posts by Eric James-Olson

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