To Everyone and their Mother:

I’m writing this to inform you that I, Eric James-Olson, have recently acquired a new location for my blog, a new location for my millions (well, hundreds) of readers to gather. While I promise to continue my weekly posts at Goodreads, I’ve come to the realization that there just isn’t enough space for all my ramblings there. Well, that’s actually not true at all. There’s plenty of space there. Let’s face it: I only have so many ramblings. But it’s unorganized space. The blog format is just too simple, and I require a greater degree of orderliness.

Now, don’t worry, I promise to continue posting my “Letters on Literary Devices”, random promotions, book excerpts, and the like there on Goodreads. However, in my new space, I’ll be starting two new types of posts: “Writing Books Like a Man” and “Books for Men”, the latter being a review based post. So it’s worth taking a look.

Also, in this new blog space, I’ve included old posts, links to the books I’ve written, a way to follow me so posts get sent directly to your e-mail, and several descriptions of myself (You can never have enough of those).

Check out the site, help me out with follows and facebook likes. Come on dude. It only takes a second. Help a brotha out!

About Eric James-Olson

Eric James-Olson writes novels and short stories. Currently, he's working on a coming-of-age novel set in the Panhandle of West-Virginia. Check out the "Novels by Eric James-Olson" tab above for the titles of his other books. In addition to writing, James-Olson is a high school English teacher, an amateur woodworker, and an outdoor enthusiast. He lives with his wife and daughter in West Virginia. View all posts by Eric James-Olson

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